What To Do If You Can’t Get Or Stay Pregnant – Part 2 {Ep 113}

Apr 28, 2020 | Podcast



After the Making Your Period Your Superpower series it seemed like this was the next topic to look at.  SO if you haven’t listened to part 1 then do so here.

From environmental toxins to cortisol, to exercise and sperm – here re 5 other factors to consider if you are struggling to get or stay pregnant.

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So listen to part 2 as I share 5/8 of some of the biggest things to consider if you’re struggling with this.


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Resources mentioned

  • Read more about detoxification here
  • Listen to an episode I did about coming off the pill and detoxing here
  • Listen to the episode I did on PCOS here
  • Here and here are some of the prenatals I took contain folate.
  • Click here to find out more about working with me


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