Do You Have a Parasite? (Yuck…but is it the reason you’re bloated?) Ep 162

Aug 10, 2021 | Podcast

My guess is that you are squirming in your seat as you read this.

A parasite = GROSS!

Buuuuutttt I have to say I see these come up in stool tests I run for clients more commonly than you would think. 

And let me tell you – these creatures cause A LOT of havoc. I suspect them the most in folk when they seem to have cyclical digestive upset (not linked with their menstrual cycle), have ever been very sick aborad, had awful food poisoning, or just can’t seem to shake the horrid bowels, bloating and general belly discomfort (ohhh and don’t forget FATIGUE – parasite will make you hella tired!). And you seem to make no progress no matter how much kombucha you drink?


So take a listen to find out more!


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Resources Mentioned

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