Holistic Approaches to Anxiety & Depression – Part 2 {242)

Mar 1, 2023 | Podcast

This week we are looking at holistic approaches to anxiety and depression, part two. So I am gonna be sharing with you the six other steps or actions or things that you can do to really help support your mental health, your joy, your wellbeing, your peace, your sense of calm, your motivation, and your brain.

Essentially, I’m giving you the rest of this holistic picture. So, if you haven’t listened to part one, make sure you go and do that here where I address the first 4 things.

Today we’re talking about food, supplements, detox support, feelings, nervous system, regulation, therapy, trauma work, all the juicy things because when it comes to your mental health, there is so much that you can do to support it. There’s so much that you can do to help your brain, your mood, your motivation.

Having struggled with anxiety and mental health issues on and off for all my life really, this is something that is so close to home, but I also really have felt the benefit of this holistic approach in my mental health journey and I see it all the time with clients as well.

So, I’m sharing with you 10 different things that will help inside both part 1 & 2 and I really recommend you implement at least one of these things to support your mental wellbeing.


Resources Mentioned

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